The digital reincarnation of a national bestseller by KIT LEEE (now known as ANTARES)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Author/Illustrator

Kit Leee (who has sported his third 'e' for so long he cannot remember how or why he acquired it) was born in Batu Pahat. Since moving to K.L. in 1970 he has enjoyed a remarkable - or ridiculous (depending on your worldview) - career as an adwriter, actor, photographer, traveller, commentator on the arts scene, cartoonist, scriptwriter, and gatecrasher. In his passport under 'occupation' he has written: Ontologist. However, he has no objection to being called a Freelance Human. 'Even though,' he hastens to add, 'I'm not really free. In fact I charge as much as I can but I'm worth it.'

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