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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Angry Young Artist

But why is he so angry? How come he's still so young? And, anyway, what is Art? I think these are questions that deserve to be answered. However, who is going to answer them? Perhaps we should interview the Angry Young Artist himself...

Excuse me, why are you so angry?

What? Why am I so angry? I'll tell you why. Because I'm starving to death, that's why. No, I'm not asking you to buy me lunch! I'm hungry for some recognition, that's all. But I'll settle for some hard cash. Bloody Neo-Philistines! They want me to stick to landscapes. Anything mental disturbs them. At one time I wanted to be a musician. They stopped me and told me to play something they might enjoy... like La Bamba! Wouldn't you be angry?

Well, er... how come you're so young?

I'm NOT young! I'm 45 years old! I just happen to look like I'm in arrested adolescence because I'm irresponsible. I have no mortgages, no heavy-handed boss breathing down my neck, and my wife booted me out 15 years ago. If I live long enough to be considered old I shall have painted so many coconut tree landscapes and sung La Bamba so many times I wouldn't have the energy to be angry. Besides, don't you know that being an artist means staying as childlike as possible, keeping the mind playful and flexible? Types like me will always be young!

Can you tell me... what is Art?

Art? Are you serious? Well, Art stimulates the mind, it liberates our perceptions. Advertising - now, that isn't Art, that's mass hypnosis, propaganda, a potent narcotic that numbs us to true values. But Art is always one step ahead of Reality... Art deprograms us, frees us from the routine patterns that robotise our lives. Art, you see, is anti-dogma. Art confronts us with the Essential... reconnects us with our senses, our intimations of divinity. Art is...

Thank you! Thank you very much! I have to go now. Miami Vice is on.

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