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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Club Med Casanova

Yup. It's tough being an eligible young person these days.

Eligible for what, marriage? Sounds like such a dreadful fate - getting stuck with some so-and-so the rest of your life! And these days you meet so many smashingly attractive, suave-sophisticated-&-successful young people. Why knock being a Yuppie? Only problem is, everyone you meet is wearing the same chic and classy designer clothes (the ones with the extra large labels on the outside) - how to tell what the person is REALLY like underneath?

Maybe.. if we could arrange to meet at the beach. Some quiet, genteel resort where only decent, respectable, good-looking young swingers go - some place like Club Med, of course - where I wouldn't feel out of my element in my daring new swim gear... the sort of resort where you just might run into the passionate love partner of your wildest Dunlopillo dreams.

Hallo, I'm Sebastian. How ees eet going?

Sun tan lotion is so-o-o-o-o sensuous... love those beautiful bronzed bodies. And that tangy salt air, that bright blue breeze teasing my hair. Long lazy weekends. It's enough to make anyone fall in love... oh, what a good time for the good taste of a Kent! It's good to know you've finally arrived, just like in the ads; life is every delicious bit the way the glossy magazines describe it.

Are you Sebastian the Club Med Casanova? Hi, I'm Marina. Hey, you're cute, did you know that? Let's go snorkelling!

I wasn't even invited to the wedding. Not that I would've gone. Let them flock to Cherating. I'm going to Phuket. The sea's so much bluer there. Or is it green?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I miss Sebastian..that tall dark handsome French guy...hmm.. hahaha