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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Phantom Voter

How do the politicians do it? It seems they can even raise the dead - turn former citizens into Zombies, Hungry Ghosts, Phantom Voters! As the term suggests, the Phantom Voter doesn't exist... except on some electoral roll. The Phantom Voter, you see, was created by expediency. Everyone knows winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. So what if we have to cheat and lie and fudge the records?

All you need to conjure up a Phantom Voter is an identity card number. It could belong to someone unborn or long dead. The Elections Commission won't delve too deeply into the details. After all, they're in the civil service.

The Phantom Voter, like any other spirit, must inhabit some Party Branch- preferably an unregistered (and officially non-existent) village outpost. When it comes down to votes quantity is what counts - who cares about quality? Don't tell me the Phantom Voter's political influence is insubstantial.

Anyway, how about YOU? For heaven's sake, you didn't even register to vote in the last elections - so how dare you cast aspersions on the Phantom Voter? Boo!

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