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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Elvis Fan Club Loyalist

For a small group of diehards in Malaysia the King is not dead - long live Elvis! I'm not sure how all this weirdness began. For the full story you'll have to talk to a guy named William Honda Tan* - founder and president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Malaysia, and self-appointed Keeper of the Loyal - I mean the Royal - Archives. His video library includes, of course, every single film Elvis ever starred in; and I'm told his collection of Elvis memorabilia is worthy of a permanent museum.

The Elvis Fan Club first announced its existence in the late 60s. In its heyday there were regular meetings and lectures accompanied by the screening of Elvis movies. Once a year there'd be an Elvis Presley Look-Alike Contest with semi-finals held in small town cinema halls. Indeed, Malaysia can boast of a few classic Elvis impersonators who rose from obscurity to lifelong fame of sorts. Rocky Teoh, for example, won the coveted title 'Elvis Presley of Ipoh' - his prize included a roadshow contract that took him to every one-street town in the country, and even as far as Sarawak and Sabah.**

Many of us still remember Eddie Francis - dubbed Malaysia's Elvis Presley - who held the title year after year, enjoying an undefeated reign.*** Another character called HT Long has dedicated to his life to keeping the Elvis impersonator flame burning.

And we mustn't forget the Elvis Presley of Section 17, Petaling Jaya - otherwise known as Ricky Chan. He used to lurk in the Bier Keller on certain Saturday nights when the moon was blue, resplendent in his custom-tailored silver-studded all-white Elvis-in-Las-Vegas outfit. Ricky always knew the right moment to grab the mike and treat the pub audience to his incomparable version of Jay's-how Lock and Wooden Hut. When the crowd screamed, 'No more, please, no more!' Ricky would instantly oblige with No More (an Elvis evergreen). Yup, Ricky was a true-life phenomenon all right. (Wonder if he can fit into his Elvis costume these days. Indeed, I don't even know if Ricky's still thrusting his pelvis around - or if he's happily partying with The King in the Real Graceland.)

Not much has been heard from the Elvis Fan Club of late. 'Internal politics lah, you know,' a member confided. The membership is split into antagonistic camps: they can't agree on what rules to abide by when they organise an Elvis Sound-Alike Contest. One committee member will suggest that the contestants must dress exactly the way Elvis dressed when he sang that particular number in the movie featuring the song in question; while another will insist that points should be awarded according to the fidelity of the performance, per se, and not for the costume. Oh dear, first it was the MCA, then UMNO, then the MIC, and now... no wonder the country's in such a stste.

MCA - Malaysian Chinese Association
UMNO - United Malay Nationalist Organisation
MIC - Malaysian Indian Congress


*I went looking for William Honda Tan in the late 1990s and was told he had left the building to join Elvis. Guess you'd have to talk to Honda Tan through a medium now.

**Sadly, Rocky Teoh was killed in a car crash in 1990, a year after the publication of Adoi!
His daughter Ann maintains a website in memory of her colourful father.

***Don't think I ever met Eddie Francis - but his pretty daughter Connie did some back-up vocals for me and his son Derek (now my Facebook buddy) was audio engineer when I recorded my first solo album in 1984.

NEWSFLASH! While doing a bit of research to update this essay I stumbled on an item in The Star (dated 29 July 2006) publicising the appearance - at the Ol Skool Bistro in PJ - of the Elvis Trio comprising Frankie Fong, Aziz Daud, and Alex Wong, who represent a new generation of Malaysian Elvis impersonators. Apparently, this was part of a month-long tribute to Elvis. Well, who says The King is dead?


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Anonymous said...


It's me Aziz Presley and yes, you are right. The Elvis Trio is doing its best to keep the Elvis legacy flying in Malaysia!

FYI, Eddie Francis will be one of five Elvises performing at Triopicana Golf Club on November 30, 2007.

Be there!

Antares said...

Wow... word gets around fast in Elvis circles! Hey, thanks for gracing us with your visit, Aziz Presley. I'm astonished and heartened to hear that Eddie Francis is still at it. A few years ago I had an interesting insight into the secret of Elvis Presley's charisma. This happened when I visited a museum on the Greek island of Thassos and saw a bust of the god Dionysius (Dionysos in Greek). His features were the exact replica of Elvis's! Dionysius was worshipped mainly by women who followed him into the forest and abandoned themselves to their wildest erotic fantasies. No wonder the men wanted to impersonate him - and they still do, only difference being they call Dionysius, "Elvis" :-)

Anonymous said...

Nah, we are not as fortunate as Dionysius nor Elvis himself...., though it is wishful thinking to be worshipped by the women, lol.

We just enjoy his songs and personality, that's all.


Anonymous said...


There are few Elvis Tribute artiste thats still active in this industry and the best i guess is HT Long. Not for his costume or style, but for using his talent and versatile singing voice to evangelise and charity works..

Anonymous said...

I know of a few Malaysian Elvis Tribute Artistes. Some are darn good whilst some are downright disgusting. But one man's meat may be another's poison.

Here's some that I have seen but I will not comment on their styles :

Suraj Singh, Eddie Francis, Peter Preslee, Alex Wong, Sunny Tai, Ronnie Ooi, Aziz Presley, Frankie Fong, Joe Rozario, HT Long, Wilfred Ragam, Algiers, Anthony 'DD Boy' Arumugam,
TNB Penang Elvis and once in a while Tony Warren!

Any one in here with comments?

Anonymous said...

I have seen HT Long and Penang Elvis(TNB).

Penang Elvis is better than HT Long anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey you should check out Alex Wong. According to HT Long, he's the next upcoming elvis. Heard he has won several singing contest which includes the Elvis impersonation contest which won him a trip to see the IDOL himself in GRACELAND !!!.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was invited by my friend to the elvis anniversary gathering in the ship last year. Many elvises were there. Wonder is it the list mentioned above. If it is, I agree that some are good and some are really NO GOOD!!!. Don't know their names but some can't sing at all ( out of tune & act like a drunken wong fei hong on stage), some are balding as well !!!. Felt kinna bored there but I think HT long & the last elvis who performed there was good.
Anyone went for the anniversary gathering that would like to comment ?

Anonymous said...

I saw the so called Elvis of Malaysia Frankie Fong in Raintree Club Dec 07. That guy damm lousy lah... Sing like china ah pek. Mumbling ,Dance & sing like a clown ! Talks very arrogantly...
What happened to Malaysian standard of Elvises ??? Is that all or are there really better ones ?

Rickson said...

That self proclain "Elvis" of Malaysia Frankie Fong is not fit to even tie Rocky Teoh's or Suraj Singh's shoe lace. The guy's the worst I've ever seen or heard. Sings in mumbling broken English, very arragont. Balding and wears a huge pair of dark sunglass to hide his face because he looks nothing like Elvis at all. This is an all-time low in the Malaysian Elvis standard, very sad!

Anonymous said...

Wah, so angry one huh? At least these guys tried their best lah. I like them all, whether good or bad, they keep me entertained. I attend most of the gatherings if I know of it. But many times, I miss the shows because no one tells me about it.

All these guys are good but I wish to see some new young ones. The older ones are hmm, balding, limping or not swivelling any more.

Give these guys a break, as it is not easy to be like Elvis.

Hey, Max Pellicano the International Elvis will be back at One Utama Hotel on April 17.

He is not bad but cannot sing high notes. So why run down our local guys?

Just me,

Linda Quek, big Elvis fan.

Anonymous said...

I seen HT Long at Church but he sing like fat cow. He got Chinese slang and very action think he so good. He only want sell his CD but no one buy.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I do agree not easy to be Elvis but proclaiming Elvis of Malaysia is not easy. If you are talking about young ones, Alex & Frankie are the 2 youngest one ( early 30s ). Personally I feel Alex is a better Elvis impersonator compared to Frankie. Not to say frankie is bad but 'PASS'. Aziz also not bad...
Unfortunatly I also heard some bad comments on Frankie. Not only on his singing but more on his attitude ( arrogant , shoe polisher, and greedy ). How true don't know but hope it's not true... if not then he is spoiling Elvis reputation as an idol.

Rachael Tan said...

HAHAHA.... I enjoyed reading the comments above.... On the contrary whether HT Long is good a not, he has established a good reputation on bringing up Elvis name & also declared by hong kong radio as golden voice of Elvis. For someone who can make such comment, cannot be that bad right ? As for Frankie, heard that he removed his videos from youtube... Seems that many people criticise him there. Must be so bad that he dont know where to hide his face.... :). Seen Frankie in one of the rotary club events last year. Not good at all. That China Ah Pek,See him don't know want to laugh or cry but I know he is pretending very hard to be Elvis. Seen Aziz performed before. Much better as he have more powerful voice.

Elvis Diehard said...

Rachel.. I agree with you. Currently HT Long is one of the best Elvis Tribute Artiste in Malaysia. Alex Wong also good..

I really want to see The Anon that posted words attacking HT long to perform live or at least make a album and we will see if you are good as your mouth is. If you think you can do better.. show us your video.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to comments on people so that they will realise their mistake but not personal attack. Only coward and retard people do personal attack. At least this Elvis Tribute Artiste making a honest living by singing, performing or selling cd. If you want to comdemd people better you condemd the child abuser, rapist, drug pusher etc.

Anonymous said...

I feel that all the Elvises mentioned here just want to carry on this legacy of an idol. Some would say did very well ( Like HT & Alex ) who manage to achieve some recognition. Some may just fail... But overall, they just wanna bring Elvis back to live. On the contrary, after reading all the various comments, I feel that Frankie Fong may not be that bad. Just that his attitude sucks. If not then how come everyone here is condemming him here. I am sure that there are worst Elvis out there beside Frankie right ? Frankie, if you are reading this, I feel that you should wake up and change after hearing all these comments. If not you will be the only culprit to bring down the name of Elvis here. No one can be the best. Elvis Himself is the best. There rest are just trying their very best to bring back this legacy back to live by impersonating him. Am I right ?

Antares said...

When I wrote this chapter I never dreamed that one day I would end up hosting an Elvis Presley Fan Club forum! Blogger doesn't charge extra for archiving your comments, so just go ahead, you guys (and thanks for keeping my hit counter moving! :-)

Anonymous said...

Someone told me to check this blogsite because 'The King Is Alive' in here.

I am a big, big Elvis fan and never fail to see local Elvis tribute shows. I know that Ole Skool in P.J organises yearly tributes and The Elvis Trio are always there. They are by far the best group. Frankie sings very well, especially songs from the 50's and early 60's. Alex does good hit songs of the 60's and Aziz does the 70's .

All of them are very good and best of all, Ole Skool charge very cheap cover charge.

Where else can you get that kind of entertainment?


I think you better run a fan club here as there is no Malaysian Elvis Fan Club yet.

Thank you.

Please let me know of any Elvis shows and I'll be there.

019 8181949

Jason said...

HI, this is Jason here. I'm also a die hard elvis fan. Been to the one in ol skool as it was published in the star last year in conjunction with Elvis anniversary. Saw all 3 of them. Think Alex Wong is the best among the 3. Other than that, ol skool is a bit too small and the sound system is not good. Would like to see more of the 3 elvises to perform together as there's actually a good variety as 3 of them actually have different styles. Hope some elvis upcoming performances can be posted here as well.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. The best Malaysian Elvis is a guy called Joe. He is a good entertainer and brings down the house. He is humble, not like HT Long or Frankie Long. Suraj, Eddie Francis, Frankie and Long are all too cocky to be Elvis.

Angela Fernandez

Johnny Lion said...


Why don't you post a video or songs in the Youtube for your so called Best Elvis Presley in Malaysia- "Joe" and we will judge it for you. There is a lot of Elvis consultant here and we are more than happy to help you.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnny,

Yes it is true. Joe from Guiness is very good. He also looks like Elvis and has real side burns not like HT Fong or Frankie Long.

You must see his shows and appreciate his humble nature. He recently donated some old clothes as charity.

Has any other Elvis impersonators done this sort of thing?

I cannot post anything on you tube because I never recorded his shows yet.

Angela Fernandez

Jason said...

Joe ? Which Joe ? How come I never heard of him before ? If you are talking about Joe Rozario, then you have not heard of best Elvis yet. Not to say I fancy HT long , Suraj or the rest. I am indeed a great fan of Elvis but Joe ? Sorry to say he is no where near there. Please tuned your ears. Humble is humble but Elvis is still Elvis !!!

DH said...

Ok, who is 'joe'? joe what? joe lightcloud? but if you r talking about joe rozario though, the one thats working at guiness, and you seriously find him to be the best, then well... you really have to be joking. yeah he is nice and humble which is good but honestly, he cant sing or perform when compared to some of the the others you mentioned. but then again, to each his own. i personally feel that alex wong is one of the best impersonators around. and ht long is pretty much the best there is when it comes to the voice.

Miranda Lopez said...

To each is own yes but we must be honest here also. The truth is important, the BEST Elvis in Malaysia are the following: Suraj Singh, HT Long, Alex Wong , Eddie Francis and Rocky Teoh

The WoRST of the Worst are: Frankie Fong, Joe Rozario, Les Lee and Johnny Khoo

Jason said...

Miranda, I agree with your comments. Think you missed out another guy. Aziz Daud. He is not bad. Strong vocals for a guy at his age. But I think among the 3 elvises ( Alex Wong, Frankie Fong, Aziz Daud), Frankie Fong is the WORST !!!

Anonymous said...

Talking about Frankie, that guy posted his video in youtube.... don't know why he took it out. Anyone here seen his video in youtube ? Any comments ?? Ever Wonder why he took it out ?

Miranda Lopez said...

Jason, you are right AZIZ DAUD is not too bad, he has got a powerful voice.

I saw that Video on youtube posted by Frankie himself, it was a joke. He looks more like Bruce Willis doing a bad impersonation of Elvis.

Jason said...

Hahaha... Bruce Wilis looks better than Frankie. Saw Rocky Teoh on you tube. That guy not bad looking huh ! Even the FAT Suraj looks better than Frankie

Johnny Lion said...


Why donated OLD CLOTHES? Thats mean this 'joe' guy not even sincere. Do you know that some of this Elvis Tribute Artiste in Malaysia even do concerts for FREE such as HT Long, the late Rocky Teoh and Alex Wong to name a few.. Some even donated their concert sales ticket to charity.

Anonymous said...

You guys must really be tone deaf or deaf. Joe ( don't know his real name ) is the best in terms of looks, voice, dressing and real entertainment value. Yes, Alex may be good but he is a bit on the soft side. HT Fong looks short and ugly. Frankie Long uses shoe polish to darken his hair. Aziz needs a walking stick. Suraj cannot sing at all. Rocky Teoh was okay lah but he's gone.

So, who else comes close to humble Joe?

Angela Fernandez

Anonymous said...

I hope is the same Joe that you all are talking about. The Joe from Guiness really cannot sing. He sings like someone who is playing drunken master role ( too much liquour ?) If it is another Joe, would really like to see him sing. Heard HT long is the Elvis fan club president. Ask him to organise event and ask all the Elvis to sing lah.... then all of us can judge. By the way, it is HT LONG & Frakie FONG... not HT fong & frakie Long . Then you can invite Joe to sing & perhaps play a bit of kung fu there ?

DH said...

Well ht long actually did organize an event last year with most of the impersonators singing. wonder if there will be another one this year. and angela, if u really feel that joe rozario is the best in terms of looks, voice and what not, i suggest that u go sit in a corner and get your life sorted out. unless... (just speculation) you r making those comments just to start something over here. quite normal to have wannabe 'haters/supporters' here and there giving such comments just for the sake of seeing how people would react. fun yeah, but if thats not the case then seriously, that corner sitting, life sorting thing aint such a bad idea for u. and while your at it, do try to learn the right names of the other impersonators and in particular, your so called 'best' elvis, joe rozario. its a shame to be praising someone so much only to not know the name of the person. anyway, it could all be just a facade, who knows.

Johnny Lion said...


Agree with you. I think this Angela fellow are trying to frame this 'joe' guy. For all along maybe this 'Angela' is Frankie Fong .. who knows??? I never read anything in this blog that really praising any Elvis in Malaysia except this fellow.
Hmmmmm.... ???

Anonymous said...

I really cannot understand you people. If this is something like American Idol show then you will know who I will vote for.

It shows that you people only know how to criticise without reason. Now you criticise me just because I like Joe.

Look here. I can like anyone I choose and you can go on living in the dark age for all I care. Another good Elvis is Franko Marello and I am sure you deaf and dumb idiots will scold me for saying so.

Is there a fan club here in Malaysia? I agree with the suggestion for the fan club to organise a competition and let the people decide.

Angela Fernandez

Suspicion said...

aha Johnny Lion, like you I also have a suspicious mind that someone's trying to frame the nice Joe Rozario.

Angela Fong, for your info Competitions have already been organized over the years in Malaysia and superb Elvis people like Eddie Francis have won the title in 1977, Rocky Teoh won the title in 1965, Alex Wong won in 2002, HT Long won in 1969, and so on..but until now Joe Rozario has won nothing and also that self- proclaim Frakie Fong have also won nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Elvis Presley sings:
"Suspicion torments my heart, Suspicion keeps us apart, Suspicion why torture me?" Great song!

Another classic song, "We can't go on together with Suspicious Minds and we can't built our dreams on Suspicious Mind."

For me the Best Elvis Presley of Malaysia are in this order: Alex Wong, Eddie Francis, Suraj Singh, HT Long and Joe Rozario.

The WORST of all time:- Frankie Fong and Fong alone. (Even Joe is a 100 times better than Frankie, sometimes the truth hurts but the truth sets you free, sorry but That's The Way It Is)


Vincent Lim (ardent Elvis fan)

Anonymous said...

Good for you. As i said before, there is a lot of Elvis Consultant here. We don't care who you choose or admire.. for all we care is to criticise those ugly, dull voice and arrogant Malaysian Elvis.. he he he.

Don't worry angela, you are already one of the members of Elvis Consultant since you like to criticise other elvises, which is good and a Must to be a member..

DH said...

angela, we r not criticizing u just for liking joe. we r more of questioning the sincerity of your comments. like ive mentioned earlier, to each his own. but the way u r praising him and intentionally dissing practically every other impersonator, to me seems more mischievious than honest. like, anyone could just come out and proclaim that william hung is the best singer in music history. and while very few might mean what they say, do u?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am not a consultant but just a fan with an honest comment.It is only my view. You have your views and let me have mine. And I am Angela Fernandez for your information. You will see me at all of Joe's shows.

And I have nothing against all the other fake Elvis but only positive comments to make them wake up from their high horses.

Elvis will roll in his grave if he listens to all your stupid idols.

Jason said...

Angela, sorry to say that you don't know music that well to determine who's better. I have a video on Joe ( to be posted in youtube ) and let all listen and decide whether Joe is the best a not. Honestly I like Joe as a person but by using his name here to stir up things, I feel you are not upholding him. Joe hardly have shows. If you say you go to all his shows please specify a date & time for his next show, and I believe all of us here would gladly be there to witness your so called best Elvis. All of us here is an Elvis fan. So I believe they want to hear / see your so called best Elvis Joe in person.

Jason said...

Angela before I forget, you mentioned Franko Marello. For your information he is Marciano Franco. Won the Elvis title in 2002 also. Please get your name right before you say he is good. Who knows this Franko Marello of yours is not an elvis impersonator and is a Mic Jackson or Tom Jones impersonator ???? . Being a fan of these impersonators need to study & understand them before you can start liking them or giving good comments. Wonder where is Marciano now . Is he still doing Elvis ? Last heard from people is he never impersonate Elvis after he won the title in 2002. Can he still sing ???? Would like to see him performing in person one day. Should be reaching age 70 anytime soon..... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello !!! Did a search on Joe Rozario. Nothing at all associating him with Elvis. HT long, Aziz, Suraj, Alex Wong... All have info of them associating with Elvis... But Joe ??? who's JOe ? If he is the best, then I believe there should be some compliments or write up about him. So far only Angela is saying something good. So is Angela the only Joe's FAN ? Or really is it Frankie Fong here who is trying to play soe tricks here according to Johnny Lion ?

Sherlock Holmes said...

It's so obvious that it must be the Devil In Disguise at work. The writing style is a "he" for a "she" will not write such nasty and name calling nice people here "deaf and dumb idiots" etc

He's not only a crappy low impersonator but now a low imposter.

Durian King said...

Joe Rozario has retired and no longer working at Guiness. He also has stopped doing shows for sometimes already.
Actually he's never done any shows at all in his entire life, only guest appearances. So someone here is bull-sheeting that she/he will be at all of JOE's show.

Okay give us a date/time of his next show. I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

Jason said...

Durian King, I think you are making a mistake here. It's Angela claiming that she is at all the shows of Joe. I also want to know when is Joe's next show so I can be there to witness myself. Angela, prove to me that your JOE is the best !!!. If not please cut all this bulshit here.

Miranda Lopez said...

Check out Today's THE STAR Newspaper (May 8,2008) -

Top Elvis impersonators ALEX WONG and HT LONG does Mega Charity Concert in aid of Poor Children RAPHA HOME in Kuantan, Pahang.
Bless their hearts,

Please Note: They did not donate any of their old clothes, old underwears to Charity.

Durian King said...

Sorry Jason,
Actually I was Double Daring Angela, not you.

I am keeping my fingers cross waiting for a date/time and place.

Maybe we can go together and watch the BEST Elvis JOE in Concert.

Chee Kin said...

WOW WOW !! Was searching on the internet for Malaysian Elvis impersonators and ended up here. Seems that these Elvis impersonators earned so die hard fans out here. Read some good reviews on Alex & HT long on the internet & ended up here in this website. Guess what has been written out there is true & this blog confirms it. Alex & HT long are so far the best. Can't wait to see them performing again. Hey guys, let me know if they have any upcoming performances together. Will definately be there.

Johnny Lion said...

Sorry Angela.. looks like you digging your own grave here. Firstly you make a good comments then you calling everybody here deaf, dumb, idiots etc. If you pointed your finger to someone, your 3 other finger pointed back to you.. so you are 3 times deaf,dumb idiots now.

If you are so good in music how come i never heard your name anywhere.. if thats your real name. Or you only using others people name so that we here will condemn that person ???

Johnny Lion said...

Ok.. forget about this Angela.

Even international Elvis Tribute Artiste may looks like Elvis but in reality can't sing. Went to see this Elvis Max and people are disappointed at his shows. I guess anyone can wear an Elvis costume and put on a sunglass just like anyone can wear a Superman costume but none can fly..

Our very own Elvis Tribute Artiste I think much better than the international one when it comes to singing Elvis songs. Heard few of our Elvises here and I think HT Long, Alex Wong and Aziz really good in singing. The rest not sure what to comment..

Anonymous said...


Why am I the centre of attraction? I am an Elvis fan like all of you but I never say who is the bad singers. I only say who is the good ones. Someone else is saying who is the worst etc, not me.

And since I am the centre of attraction now, let me introduce myself.

I am a divorcee aged between 40 to 50 and not Frankie Fong or whatever you have in mind. I have seen Frankie and all the Elvises mentioned but still think Joe has better talent.

I don't know where he performs nowadays but normally HT Long or Ol Skool or Impiana Hotel or Hilton or social clubs organised events and he is there.

If I come across the next event, I will let you all know.

Okay? So don't lah get angry with me.


Angela Fernandez

Anonymous said...

johnny lion,
I also went to see the International Elvis Impersonator Max Pellicano at 1 Utama Hotel KL greatly dissapointed because the guy sings no good. the tickets were extremely expensive. you are right, what's the use of looking like Elvis if you can't sing a lick.
I must say Malaysia Boleh as we have good Elvis singer here like Aziz Daud, Alex Wong, Eddie Francis, HT Long and others.

Vincent Lim (ardent Elvis fan)

Johnny Lion said...

Angela.. Here its called a 'forum' which you can scold, comments, condemn people without any reasons.. he he he. You just got up on the wrong side of the bed, thats all.

One more Elvis tribute artiste which I think very good in impersonating Elvis was Rocky Teoh. I'm very proud to see our very own Malaysian having his own vinyl records and recognised internationally.. God bless all our Elvis no matter they can sing or not. The tribute to Elvis is what important.

Anonymous said...

Angela. You are really digging your own grave and exposing your true self here. It is very obvious that you are trying to stir up things. Please take note that all of us here are Elvis fan. If you claim that you are there for all Joe's show, I am sure you are able to name a few. Joe never sang in Impiana & Hilton Hotel. Please get your fact right.... Typical Joe fan !!!

Anonymous said...

I want to end the issue with what I saw in HT Long's show at the ship one or two years ago. The DVD is on sale but difficult to buy, so I borrowed it and after viewing it two times, I still say Joe is the best.

Okay? So can we end this story?

Now I want to ask about the Malaysian Elvis Fan Club. How can I become a member and what can I get as a member? Who is the President and what activities do they organise?

Thank you from Angela Fernandez.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe Fan, there is an elvis Fan Club in Malaysia. HT long is the president of the club. You can do a search or contact HT long. Sorry I dont have his phone number here. Anyone here hv that can provide Angela the number ? Don't know what this fan club can offer as the last I heard, it has been pretty quiet / dead !!

marie said... are a real joker.You can't even get your facts right. The show at the ship was on the 19.08.07.It was a special commemorative show held for Elvis 30th Anniversary at the Ship Kuala Lumpur.

Sorry to say your taste in music sucks.....I guess all Elvis Presley ardent fans would agree with me.

I was at the show too! Joe Rozario was the worse of all the Elvis impersonators there....sorry Joe just telling the truth. The best was Alex Wong,HT Long and Paul Lee....and the rest was so so (Roy Chew...choice of songs could be better; Frankie Fong...singing not bad but his action was a real distraction; Aziz Daud....looks the part but got lost in his first songs and last but not least Vince Wilfred....a charming guy smiles alot but had problems with certain pronunciation to the songs)

Yours truly....Marie

Ramasamy R said...

"Angela" since you are such an ardent fan of JOE, better you join the Joe Rozario Fan Club instead, you will be happier there.

Anonymous said...

Marie,agreed totally with your "review"

it's so obvious that the 'ANGELA' is just purposely all out to cause uneasiness by insisting that JOE is the Best. HE is a trouble maker alright. Using a ficticious name to hide and write and bullshit is a BIG cheapo lowdown coward.

Anonymous said...

It is me Angela once again and as I have already said that I want to end the issue, I will not entertain anymore of your discourteous remarks. It is only wasting my precious time because you are all unable to accept reality.

Thank you for suggesting to contact the HT Long fan club but can any of you give me his website address?

One more thing, when is the next big Elvis tribute show?

Angela Fernandez

Johnny Lion said...

Angela.. This is the price you have to pay for calling everybody here an idiot, deaf etc. They will keeps on attacking you until you fried no matter what you said. You better get out of here.. Or maybe ask frankie fong or your 'Joe' to help you here so that the burden will be lesser.. he he he

angela said...

My dear Johnny,

I don't know why you are picking on me just because you have a different view. Why do I need Frankie or Joe to defend me? Why not ask HT Long himself? He is the one that always invite the best Elvis impersonaters for his show.

Anyway, if you are still stubborn and believe that the world is square, then go ahead and believe that way.

I have my own brains and I can think for myself.

Thank you from Angela.

Anonymous said...

Angela, go to . This is HT long website. He is the founder of Elvis Fan club and currently is the president. You many want to see whether you can contact him in regards to the membership details.

angela said...

Thank you anonymous but that is the HT Long website which only promotes his products and nothing else. I want something that Elvis fans like me can find or buy Elvis records, films, movies etc.

Is there a shop that sells these things and if so, where is it located?

Anonymous said...

Angela, go online to buy elvis procducts or go to graceland and pay his mansion a visit. worth going. As for cd's and records, I believe u can get it at any recording shop. It is true that was HT long personal website but he is indeed the Club president. Maybe from his website you can contact him and ask him how you can be a member of the fan club.

Anonymous said...

There are thousand of websites selling Elvis merchandise.. go find on your own. This forum are for Malaysian Elvis Fans to discuss and changing ideas about our very own Elvis.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Fong DAMM COCKY !!! Sing like a FROG ! Dance like a CHICKEN ! Hairless chicken ?

Antares said...

Hmmm... long live the King indeed! This ad hoc Elvis fan Club forum is the only activity on my ADOI! blog :-)

As a kid I was quite charmed by Elvis, especially after seeing a couple of his movies (G.I. Blues and Blue Hawaii), though I was never seriously into his music. Then one day in 1987 I wandered into a small museum on the island of Thassos in Greece and saw on display a marble bust of the god Dionysos (also spelt Dionysius). I was immediately struck by the close resemblance between Dionysos and Elvis Presley - the same heavy-lidded eyes, the curve of the nose, the cleft chin, even the sideburns! It was nothing short of an epiphany for me. Suddenly I understood why Elvis had been such a charismatic pop icon with a cult following fit for a Greek god! Perhaps he WAS the incarnation of Dionysos - the god of sensuality, freedom, and erotic abandon?

linda quek said...

It's been a while since I last visited this blog site and wow, the responses seems very active.

Antares, why on earth did you set up this blog? Now it looks like a bashing forum.

Why do we need to run down our few local 'Dionysos'?

Perhaps some jealous wannabes just want attention huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Antares,

Have you ever seen any of these elvises perform before ? What are your comments ?

Vincent said...

Hey, If HT Long is still the club president , I hope he will organise something for all the elvis fans out there. If not. don't think he is doing a good job as the president. August is coming. Hope there's some good news!

Ardent Elvis fan.

Anonymous said...

You are right Vincent. As president of the Elvis fan club, HT Long should do more events for the public and all Elvis fans.

What is he planning for August 16 this year? I hope there will be a good show coming up.

Anonymous said...

I support that statement. As president, he should keep this fan club moving... So far I have not seen anything yet. August is coming !!!! HT LONG where are YOU ? If you are also reading this blog, please do something for all these die hard fans out there .

albert muthu said...

Ht Long,

What are you organising for this August?

Please inform us on this blog or ask your representative to keep us informed.

angela fernandez said...

I think that the President of the fan club ( I found out recently ) has not done anything at all for all the years as President.

By right he should come to this blog site and inform us what is happening. Give us some update on Elvis events and tell the fans the activities that are being planned.

I wish to meet the members and exchange information with them.

How many members are there in the Malaysian Elvis Fan Club?

Can the President respond?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

President is sleeping !!!

evelyn said...

Huh? Suddenly everything is quiet in here. Where's everybody?

Anonymous said...

Criticise people so active. Now fans asking for President to do something... so quiet . Anyone has the president's contact number ? Has anyone contacted him on this b4 ?. Don't just talk here lah.. Do something.. I wanna see some Elvises in action !

Jim said...

Heard that Frankie Fong will do some concert in one of the hotels here.. anyone have any idea where it is ?? Somebody told me he's very good in this Elvis impersonating..

albert muthu said...

Yes, Frankie Fong will be performing at Dorsett Regency on July 23rd for a private function. It is to celebrate a Datuk's birthday.

Anonymous said...

If you think Frankie Fong is good, then you have not seen the better ones yet. Wonder how much that guy charge nowadays ?

evelyn said...

cocky hairless chicken Frankie Fong is the worst frog.

Check out JOE ROZARIO, he is the BEST.

Anonymous said...

Hey since u and Angela agree that Joe is the best, then I really want to see this Joe Rozario performing so that I can judge who is better. Joe vs Frankie, HT long, Alex Wong, Aziz, Eddie Francis. If Joe is so good I am sure he will have some shows. The bald frankie also can have show to sing for Datuk, I am sure Joe can do the same too!

angela said...

See? At least Evelyn agrees with me that Joe is indeed the best of the lot. But what is happening for August 16? So far I have not heard of any event being organised. Where is the President HT Long? How come he is not informing us of anything?

I guess he is not interested with the fan club anymore.

Robert Maniam said...

Maybe we should contact William Honda Tan who is also the President of another Elvis Fan Club. Hopefully he can organise a concert featuring both the "BEST" Elvises, Joe and Frankie

Jim said...

Thanks for the info Albert. oh really.. So Joe Rozario is better than Frankie. Really want to see the Joe guy perform. Is Joe Rozario the same Joe that's working in Beer manufacturing in PJ??

Heard that just like every year there will be Elvis events on August. They still looking for best places to held it but hopefully around KL only.. Never attend one but will this time.

Anonymous said...

Frankie is never good lah. He's a typical china man with poor English. Can't speak and write properly. U think he can sing Elvis songs ? If mimicking Elvis can lah....

Napoleon Lim said...

I have made a review of the best Malaysian Elvis and it is only three. First is Joe Rozario and second is a tie between HT Long and Frankie Fong.

Why I choose Joe is because he can sing any songs at all and can sing all night long.He also resembles THE KING.

Frankie can move, dance and actually sing almost all Elvis songs.

HT Long does not have the looks but he only sings simple songs.

So the above three are the best.

Albert Muthu said...


I think we should organise a competition to determine who is Malaysia's Best Elvis once and for all. Can you organise it?

I can be one of the judges.

Malaysian Elvis Fan said...

Jim, I agree with you. I think a competition is good to determine maybe not the Best Elvis but someone who is good or close enuf to Elvis. Think Frakie Fong & Joe needs to be in the top 3 in the competition before we can put them in the ELVIS WALL OF FAME. If not, will be listed in the WALL OF SHAME !. So far people who has made it to the Wall of Fame is HT Long, Alex Wong, Eddie Francis, Marciano Franco, Rocky Teoh and maybe Jeffrey Moey. They have either won themselves the Elvis Title or either reviewed by the media or an Elvis expert. Look back in the papers througout the years...u can see their names being mentioned

Anonymous said...

You are RIGHT ! Seems that HT Long, our Late Rocky Teoh and Alex Wong have their own website. Good media reviews in there... So I believe they should be good to receive such good reviews. HT long have reviews from different countries. Talking about events hope some Elvis here will organise a get together and entertain all these Elvis Fans out there.

angela fernandez said...

Let us cut the crap and ask THE PRESIDENT to organise a get together of all Elvis fans in Malaysia and do it at least once a year. I am sure many will turn up. So far no major events have been organised for the fans like me.

Is there an AGM? Can we appoint a new President to take over the sleeping one right now?

Since many of you know HT Long, why cant any of you pass this message to him?

Jason said...

Angela, if you feel that the current president is not doing anything, then who do you think can do a better job ? How about you setup your own fan club and be the president. I'm sure with your passion, you can do something good out of it.

Sherlock Holmes said...

hi everyone, interesting find here, with a little bit of detective work.. I've found out that albert muthu, napolean lim, angela fernandez, and quite a few others including some under 'anonymous' are from the same computer and same ip address

Anonymous said...

WHATEVER sherlock.. what's important here is we discussing about our own Elvis and the future of Elvis Tribute Artist in Malaysia.

Agree with you Jason.. This Angela should open 'her' own club and see if anybody wants to join it. this is the typical mind set of our people nowadays.. Arrogant and selfish. The Elvis Fan Club of Malaysia are doing very fine for the past 30 years or more until this Angela open 'her' Big Mouth.

Sherlock Holmes said...

Another interesting detective work ... many of the postings and fictitious characters bear IP addresses from the Klang and Port Klang areas.

Anonymous said...

Good work Sherlock Holmes. At least somebody here are doing their homework. Isn't Frankie Fong and Joe Rosario are from that area ???!!

Anonymous said...

how come suddently here so quiet ?

Anonymous said...

for those who wish to see HT long, there is a charity concert featuring HT long on the 8th august at actor's studio. So all elvis fan's out there, please give your support and do a bit of charity

Anonymous said...

ptooi! who wants to see a stupid fat and short elvis?

Anonymous said...

he's well known right ? If don't see him then see who ? Any other Elvis performing ? So far I only heard HT long . Interested to see more...

Anonymous said...

Oh oh Here We Go Again....... caught in a trap, I can't walk out........

Johnny Lion said...

Stupid fat and short elvis?? You mean Joe Rosario ???!!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. where is Angela Fernandez?? We need her here to spice things up.

Angela Fernandez said...

Good day to all of you.

Sorry for not being around to talk to all of you for so long. I have just returned from a long meditation in the mountains of the Himalayas. I have been in prayers and on a two month fasting, surviving only on bread and plain water in the cold mountain top.

In seeking solace, I prayed for the good health of all the Elvis fans out there, especially Joe, my favourite performer.

My prayers were answered when I returned last week and was invited to see Joe Presley perform with a live band at the Old Skool pub in Petaling Jaya. He was simply stunning singing with a band, not like the other singing like karaoke amateurs.

I liked his rendition of Proud Mary, The Wonder of You and Sweet Caroline. No other Malaysians come close to his style. May the good lord bless him, as he is the only one that remembered Elvis this year. The other Elvises never held any tribute except Joe.

God bless Joe. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think you should go back to your prayers, Angela. Either your recent prayers made you cuckoo or mad, it is hard to understand your love for Joe.

In my opinion, you must be tone deaf.

Anonymous said...

Angela must be Joe's lover or girlfriend. BY the way FYI Angela, there's indeed a tribute for Elvis in Lake club on the 16th. You just need to be an Elvis ardent fan to know their whereabouts

Anonymous said...

I'm a great Elvis fan. In fact until now I have not actually met a guy who sings and dance like elvis.Eg
Suraj Singh : Got the looks, cannot sing. Out of key most of the time
HT Long : Don't dance, look & sound like elvis at all but don't know why so many people say he sound like Elvis.
Joe : Can't sing at all. Basically singing for his own enjoyment only.
Aziz : Singing not bad for his age but don't sound like elvis
Frankie : Can dance a bit but singing not sound like Elvis & sing like typical CHINA MAN
Peter : Can't sing.... maybe old already
Marciano : Same as Peter. Don't really see him singing after the won the title in 2002
Alex : Singing not bad but dance so so.
Rocky Teoh : Dun comments
Jeffrey Moey : Used to be good but not anymore maybe due to his age but still can maintain certain Elvis moves.

The better Elvises can be found in Vegas & Memphis itself!

So I can conclude NO Malaysian can sing and dance like Elvis at all.. Still far behind..

Anonymous said...

I agree. I heard HT long sang before. Don't sound like Elvis.Frankie Fong is the worst. Eddie Francis & Alex Wong not bad.

angela fernandez said...

Dear Anonymous People,

I don't know why you people are hiding but let me tell you all that you are all tone deaf yourselves. You only know how to criticize and that is what you people do all your life.

I am now seeking divine truth to improve my life and I hope you will all also follow suit. I spend the greater part of my life in meditation and prayers and speak to god once in a while.

I have no time to entertain your dead set minds as no amount of coaxing will change your fixed mind made of solid rock.

In my meditation, I always say grace and prayers to Joe Presley. I wish him the best of health and hope he will continue to entertain Malaysians for a long time to co0me.

I hear he is planning another Elvis tribute for January 8th, 2009.
How about the other Elvises? Are they doing anything for the coming birthday? Huh? I guess they are too ashamed of themselves and that is why they only let Joe do all the hard work....sigh!

Anonymous said...

U must be Joe's secret admirer to flatter him so well. I wonder whether you have heard the rest of the Elvises sing a not ?

angela fernandez said...

I am getting tired of entertaining you nameless critics but let me tell you that you are free to say whatever you like and I am also entitled to my opinion.

I am not in love with Joe but I like his singing. That's all. So will you stop all your nonsense once and for all?

Has any of your so called heroes sung these songs : Heart of Rome, Fun in Acapulco, Never Been to Spain, Cindy, Pocketful of Rainbow, Crawfish and many more?

Well, Joe promised to sing these at his next show.

So what does that tell you jealous losers huh?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Angela

I agree with you that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Likewise, each of us have different tastes & preferences. Some people like to eat 'pungent beancurd', although others may be put off by its smell which is similar to a dirty clogged drain. Some people like to eat fried bugs while others find it detestable. You have the freedom to fancy whoever you wish, for whatever reason. No one can force you to like something that doesn't appeal to you at all. If it makes you the happiest person to support and idolize Joe, then by all means, please continue to do so....

Anonymous said...

I must say you are all either deaf or dumb shits,. Angela is right because Joe Rozario is the Best Elvis of them all,he will always be.

Even those so-called "Elvises" of Memphis or Vegas cannot challenge him. JOE IS KING! Malaysia Boleh

Elvino R Ramasamy (President)
The Official Joe Rozario Fan Club

angela fernandez said...

Dear Alvino,

Thank you for clarifying once and for all.

When people are deaf and dumb like all those anonymous idiots posting here, they cannot differenciate the truth.

I applaud you for your bravery and courage to stand up against the stupid disbelievers.

Please continue with the good work and keep us informed of any new shows that Joe will be performing.

Jim said... should be the President of Joe fan club rather than this cowardly Elvino. You've been fighting and stand up for your Joe all this time then suddenly out of nowhere this Elvino showed up.. shame on you.

Elvino.. since you're the President of Joe Rosario Fan Club, can you please upload 1 or 2 live video concert/show of Joe in the YouTube for the fans here to see?? Angela did promised us but till now .. none

Angela Fernandez said...

My Dear Jim,

Thank you for your flattery comments but I will let Elvino do the honours.

By the way, I never promised you anything. I remember saying that Joe is not as egocentric as the others and he does not publicise his shows unlike the lousy ones on you tube. Why don't you check with Ol Skool for his next performance and go see for yourself instead of rambling like an old horse.

Perhaps you might want to do a recording of him or even be his manager, who knows.

Jim said...

Thank you Angela.. I took that as a compliment. I guess Elvino and you are too embarrass to show the real Joe to the world.. face it. But I'm not blaming on you.. maybe this Joe guy really not worthy to be uploaded in the internet ;)

Btw will consider to do a recording of him or even his manager. Who knows he might be the next 'Mawi'.

Anonymous said...

It's sad and a pity some people here are not only deaf but blind also because they do not know how to appreciate the handsome face of ELVIS JOE ROZARIO.
Joe is the Best and The Greatest, move aside you all shitters! and he who call me coward must be the biggest stupid coward of them all.
why should I show you any JOE's video? who the fark you think you are? Joe is the Best and he don't have to proof nothing to anyone. You go and check him out yourself, he performs in ol Skool and other concerts,

Elvino R Ramasamy

Anonymous said...

Hey you Ramasamy and Angela,it is both of you who are blind, deaf and stupid.
I've seen Joe at Old Skool Pub and he was NOT even the main performer, just a supporting act singing 2 stupid non-Elvis songs "Proud Mary" and "Cotton Fields" He don't even know how to sing an Elvis song. This Joe is very stout and short. And what an ugly mother he is. On stage when they dim the light you can hardy see him. His hairstyle is balding on the front and long curly at the sides just like LARRY of the 3 Stooges.
He is without any doubt the worst "elvis" impersonator ever and brings a shame and disgrace and insult to the Elvis world.

It just shows what kind of crappy taste both of you has, so sad!

Angela Fernandez said...


You are the only one in here that makes some sense. I think you should seriously take up the offer to manage and market Joe nationwide.

I pity him as his talent will be wasted without a good manager. I am sure the both of you could achieve great success together.

And as for the faceless anonymous posters, I don't think you deserve to be entertained because you are just plain jealous and cannot accept the truth. Too bad, my friend and your comments are best flushed into the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Will somebody here upload Joe's show to let everyone see or to shut Angela up ?

Anonymous said...

And will somebody tell the anonymous posters to shut up and get lost? These jealous fools dare not even reveal their name and are asking all kinds of rubbish.

I have already informed you fools that Joe is a humble person and does not like to publicise himself, unlike Farnkie Long and other useless Elvis impersonators. Do you dumb fool get it?

Go get lost you stupid idiot.


Anonymous said...

Hey you Angela,it is you who are the bladi stupid idiot.You get lost!!!
your old, fat and short Joe is The Ultimate WORST "Elvis" Impersonator of all time, And he's a dam ugly mother.

His hairstyle is balding on the front and long curly at the sides just like LARRY of the 3 Stooges.

He is without any doubt the worst
hopeless "elvis" impersonator ever and brings a bad name, shame and disgrace and insult to the Elvis world.

It just shows what kind of crappy taste you have, so farking sad!

angela fernandez said...

Dear thick skinned anonymous fool,

You are repeating your silly self like a sick donkey.

People like you should be behind bars, locked up with the key thrown into the lake.

If you cannot accept the truth, even God cannot help you.

Why don't you give me your name so tonight I can recite a prayer to bring you back to reality. It is only for your own good because you might be suffering from dillusion.

From a medical viewpoint, people who repeat things like your recent posting, it means you need to see a mental specialist. And be quick or you might even say that Franky Long is better than Joe.

I pray for your speedy recovery and hopefully you will be with the lord on the right path.

God bless!

Jimmy said...

Hi Angela,

For your information there is no Elvis Franky Long. It's Frankie Fong & H.T Long. Both different ppl. One is tall and the other one is short. If you don't even get their names right means you don't know the Elvises well. No wonder only Joe... because he's the and and only Elvis that you know.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Im a big fan of da great Elvis Presley. Been singing his songs at the age of 15. Im now 23 years old and i`ve done a couple of performances in my hometown, Port Dickson. Just wondering where can I get more exposure in places like kl?


Anonymous said...

hey stupid Assgela,

a sick ass (donkey)

It's people like you who should be behind bars.

It is YOU who cannot accept the truth.

From a medical viewpoint, people like you who has such bad taste who keep insisting that The WORST is the best,
and your bad taste smell dam bad too that everyone here can even smell it on this Blog.. you need to see a specialist like quick.

what a pitiful ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Will somebody here upload Joe's show to let everyone see or to shut the stupid Angela up ?

Anonymous said...

Hey you Angela,it is you who are the bladi stupid idiot.You get lost and fcuk off!!!
your old fart, fat and short Joe is The Ultimate WORST "Elvis" Impersonator of all time, And he's a dam ugly mother.

His hairstyle is balding on the front and long curly at the sides just like LARRY of the 3 Stooges.

He is without any doubt the worst
hopeless "elvis" impersonator ever and brings a bad name, shame and disgrace and insult to the Elvis world.

It just shows what kind of crappy taste you have, so fcuking sad!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Could anyone help me to get in touch with people who are into Elvis show business? Their Email address or contact number will be very helpful. Any upcoming performances that I can attend?

Thank U!

angela fernandez said...

Please ignore the comments from the sick donkeys who cannot differenciate between good and bad. They are simply jealous. Period!

This is the number to contact for any Elvis shows : 013 3986807

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,

Thank you very much for your help.
Have a plesent day and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey if you engage Joe, he may be cheap but you will sure regret it.
Don't say I didn't warn you.. Go for HT long, Aziz, Alex & Eddie Francis.... they are the more reputable & value for $$

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to the wrong advice. Just try calling and then you make your own decision.

One man's meat is another's poison, if I may be blunt. Joe has been singing long before these jokers even tasted milk!

Jimmy said...

Hey by all means pls try and engage Joe. And make your own comment. Hopefully u can give some real comments after seeing Joe perform... Then you can really see who's telling the truth... To me Joe is not good. U may like him.... hahaha

Anonymous said...

Interesting news.... I heard the balding Frankie Fong went for hair implantation.....Anyone can verify this ? What else he undergo ? Voice over ??? Plant Elvis Voice to his voice box ?

Anonymous said...

Frankie is not bad but his pronounciation is very chinky. If not for that, he is almost as good as Joe.

In terms of looks, he is slightly better than Joe.

angela said...

Why are you people so hard headed? Joe does not have to go for voice transplant but has a natural voice similar to the king.

Frankie or Ht longs to have that kind of voice and that is why they hate him so much.

It is just plain rivalry because when Joe beats them, they cannot 'cari makan' or cannot demand high prices. Joe is not that expensive and sometimes never even ask for payment.

Let them all go for transplants for all I care. They simply cannot match the prowess and agility of good old Joe as an entertainer.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was browsing the youtube and guess what ? I found an interesting Elvis impersonator EricElviss. Check him out.... you will laugh until your pants drop ! I feel it's harder to impersonate him than Elvis himself...

Kian Hoe said...

I am looking for an Elvis impersonator to do a show for my dad's bday coming DEC. Anyone here to recommend ? Please gimme good reputable ones as his business partners and supplier will also be present.

Anonymous said...

Kian Hoe..

Don't ever listen to whatever they posted here. Just google or search in the internet about Malaysian Elvis and get their contact number.

p/s happy b'day 2 your dad

kian hoe said...

hi, Thanks for your response. However there seems to be no response and I lost my patience since my dad b'day was on the 13th. I got a chinese singer instead of an elvis since I couldn't find one. Her name is Elaine from Seremban. She sings good variety of chinese songs too.
Anyway, I did a search on Malaysian Elvis. Only manage to see writeups of HT long. No phone number given also. So that's why I gave up on searching and got the chinese singer recommended by my friend instead.
By the way, I saw Elvis Alex Wong in one of the wedding function. That guy is good. Too bad I did not have his contact number.

Anonymous said...

Kian Hoe..

That's too bad.. but at least you did had a good party for your dad. Ya HT Long don't have any contact number there only email.

I think Alex Elvis have his own website.. try and google it. You can try to email him or just ask him directly in his blog.

There are alot of Elvis Tribute Artiste in Malaysia.. just attend their concert or function and do your own judging..

kian hoe said...

Hi, thanks for your info. I know there are some Elvises around but I don't think they have yet to have any public appearances. If not because of the wedding, I don't think I would have met Alex Wong. So it will be good if one day, someone will organise something for the public will all the elvises in variuos states performing

Anonymous said...

There has been no Elvis tributes lately and I am longing to attend one.

Can anyone tell me where I could see some Elvis shows, does not matter where in Malaysia, I will find my way there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elvis of Malaysia......Alex Wong will be doing his 24 Dec 2008 X'mas count down show at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Elvis's fan out there don't miss this oppurtunity, for more info please go to

Anonymous said...

To find out more about 24 Dec 2008 X'mas Count Down show with Alex Wong, Elvis of Malaysia live perform at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, you may also call to +603-2148 9166

or log on to:

Anonymous said...

HI , Thanks for info. I've already booked my tickets. Looking fwd to the event

Anonymous said...

The Elvis Show by Alex Wong yesterday in Federal Hotel was fantastic. I agree that he is very talented and the BEST in Malaysia. Thanks for publishing this event here. Looking forward for more in future.

Anonymous said...

Alex Wong is of-course very good! Don't listen to some of the false jealous comments here posted on superb Elvises like Alex, HT Long,Aziz Presley and others. These are some of the very BEST in Malaysia.


Richard Lim said...

My dad went to watch the Elvis in federal hotel and told me that the performance was superb and he enjoyed all the songs. Indeed he felt the Elvis impersonator did bring him back to the very fond memories of Elvis. Unfortunately he thinks the sound system is not up to standard & coordination of MC & sound man is not quite there.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree that Alex Wong is very talented and probably the best in Malaysia so far.

Anonymous said...

Hey , I've seen Alex Wong performed at my company's annual dinner before. No doubt he has the voice and talent. A very good Elvis Impersonator of Malaysia. A nice and friendly guy too !


Anonymous said...

By Stephen Ng
Market-Eagles Media - Sept 30, 2008

It is very seldom that two local Elvis Presley impersonators would turn up for a
small dinner concert, but last Saturday's show at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong saw
Malaysia's best Elvis Presley, H T Long introducing his mentee, Alex Wong.

Throughout the whole evening, over a six-course dinner, Wong belted songs
from Elvis Presley's own repertoire, with Long watching and commending him
for the entertaining performance.

"I fell ill and lost my voice last night, but I don't want to disappoint you, because
you have travelled from as far as Puchong and Cheras to my concert," apologized
Long profusely to a crowd of 120 at Soon Heong Teow Chew Seafood Restaurant.

Long's association with Elvis Presley went back to as early as nine years old, and
he was a special guest at Memphis with Elvis Presley's legendary manager Colonel
Tom Parker in 1984, the hometown of the late Elvis who died August 16, 1977.

While Long, 57, had started impersonating the King of Rock and Roll after
watching his movie GI Blues in 1960, Wong, 36, only won the Light & Easy
FM's Search for Elvis in 2002. He was also picked as the best dressed Elvis
Impersonator at an "Elvis to the Max Concert" in 2006.

During the dinner function organised by Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship
of Desa Aman Puri and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, a radio recording featuring
Long's songs and interview by well-known Hong Kong radio deejay, Ray Cordeiro
was played to entertain the guests.

According to Cordeiro, Long's singing voice matches that of the original
King of Rock and Roll from Memphis, USA. It makes him stand out as being the
best in Asia. He has also been referred to as the "Golden Voice of Elvis" by
Worldwide Elvis Corporation USA.

Walter Pacheco, president of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Canada
describes Long favourably: "His singing voice is so versatile that he can
handle Elvis Presley songs from all three Elvis eras - the 50s, 60s, and 70s
- with ease. And he does an excellent job of it. Not many can do that."

Long's sense of humour also sent the audience in stitches. As he stood up on
a stool, he started singing away; but just as the audience was warming up,
the song came to an abrupt stop. His lips were still moving but without a

The audience applauded, as he apologised: "Well, ladies and gentlemen, see I
told you I have lost my voice, but what you just heard is my own recording.
You can buy my CDs and take me home tonight!" Long has 14 albums to his

Long is one local artiste who has mesmerised audiences in a number of
countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia,
Britain, the United States and of late, he is planning another tour of
Australia in November, where he will entertain thousands of Australian fans
in a few major cities.

A self-acclaimed atheist before becoming a born again Christian in 1989,
Long said it was the death of Elvis that caused him to turn to God.
"In my younger days, I would sing in pubs. I had no time for God," he said.
"But, when Elvis, whom I had always thought was the greatest - a demi-god of
some kind -died, I was forced to ask the question: How can my god, Elvis
Presley die?"
Since, he said his life has never been the same. Referring to Jesus, Long
said he was inspired to compose one of his favourite gospel songs, "He Is My
Everything" to the tune of Elvis's rock and roll.
Thousands of people have since heard this song he composed and compiled into
one of his albums.

In Hong Kong, people pay $1800 just to watch him perform.
"But, here in Aman Puri, you only pay RM20 for good food and good
performance too," he enthused.
Long hopes that with more people like Wong, the legacy of King of Rock and
Roll from Memphis will live on.
Last year was Elvis Presley's 30th anniversary since his death. "I hope 20 years
from now, when we celebrate
Elvis's 50th anniversary, we will have more local Elvis Presley
impersonators," he said.

Submitted By: Jacinta Dass

Anonymous said...

Article from The Internet

Monday, February 4, 2008
Elvis the Greatest by KY Cheah

The first few songs that blew us away were IT'S NOW OR NEVER..'JAILHOUSE ROCK & WOODEN HEART'.
From that moment onwards it was Elvis ...Elvis the Pelvis all the way.
Even Cliff Richard could not measure up and he was even one of his ardent fans.
He was born on 8 Jan 1935 in Tupelo,Mississippi in humble surroundings.
He started off life as a Truck Driver. Elvis Aaron Presley took the world by storm with his soulful music.
Everybody idolised him, his mannerism, the way he talked...the way he walked and the way he dressed.
His talent, good looks and good humour endeared him to millions.

The undisputed King of Rock and Roll, died from a drug overdose at his home Graceland,Memphis on Aug 16 1977 aged 42.
He left behind his wife and daughter Lisa Marie aged 9.

His home in Graceland, Memphis is the Holy Grail of Pop Music and visited by millions from all 0ver the world.

He has a huge fan base all over the world.
So many people try to imitate and impersonate her. They even went under the knife to look like him.
The malaysian today that does not look like him but has his golden voice is HT long. I have a few of his records.
He really sounds like him.It's uncanny.

There is also one dude I'd take my hat off to.
It's the late Rocky Teoh of Taiping and the Blue Jean Boys' gang.
His rendition of Jacqeline was and is fantastic.Unfortunately he died early in an accident in Kuala Lumpur.(1949-1999)

Of course there many aspiring Elvis wannabes out there waiting to be discovered. But as of now I can see no one yet who can come near, not even a distant second to HT Long.
He has been getting rave reviews from the international media the world over and recognised by Graceland.

I have been trying to sing like Elvis myself!
@%$#! Just could not do it! The only consolation is I know most of his songs by heart.
Those were the days we thought would never end and we sang and danced.

Submitted by Jacinta Dass

Anonymous said...

Rocky Teoh is the 1st Malaysian Elvis but does not mean he is really good. I heard him in youtube.. so so only. Don't know why HT long likes to sing Rocky Teoh's song. Either he likes Rocky Teoh or he is polishing a dead man's shoe.. No comments on that. No doubt HT sings well but I feel he sings better in CDs than in person. In person, his voice is no where near Elvis... Such a big difference. I am huge Elvis Fan.. Been following his songs since I was five. I doubt any Malaysians sound exactly like Elvis. Some try to look like Elvis. Some try to sing like Elvis..IF HT long really sound like Elvis, he should go to US and get the Elvis tribute Artist title. I will be the 1st one to salute him if he even get into the finals !

carol lee said...

Hey I have watched HT long performed before. I love his jokes. Brighten up my day but in terms of singing, I would rate a B+ . Consider not bad for a guy at his age... can be a grandfather already !

Anonymous said...

My name is Royston Lim.I've been an ardent Elvis Presley fan all my life and I am 64. I must say that HT Long is definitely THE Best Elvis sound alike in the world today!and I've heard them all.His voice is so close to Elvis..almost Elvis! Even the world's Number one authority on Elvis, Dr.Paul Dowling says so. Top Hong Kong DJ Ray Cordeiro MBE also says so! He is a top class entertainer! A true professional Veteran. Malaysia Boleh!

Leroy Teo said...

I was lucky enough to catch HT Long's Live Performance at the ATRIA Shopping Centre in Damansara Jaya KL,Malaysia on the 18th Jan 09 Sunday at 3-4pm. HT did a superb Tribute To RockyTeoh singing SELINA, JACQUELINE, GOODBYE, THINKING OF YOU, CRYING IN THE CHAPEL etc. He also sang 12 ElvisPresley songs.The best was SUMMER KISSES WINTER TEARS The crowd was extremely delighted !!! it was a very excellent show. HT long is a fine, fine singer, sounds so so much like the real Elvis.
Leroy Teo

Anonymous said...

Is HT Long impersonating Rocky Teoh & Elvis Presley ? Does Rocky family pays HT to sing / promote his songs ? Just curious

Tan said...

Dear Royston, I agree HT Long is good but would disagree that he is the best. Ray Cordeiro say HT is good how long ago ? 10 years ago ? I personally saw HT Long performed together with Phua Chu Kang. Phua Chu Kang really stands out and consider a good entertainer. HT long is boring...Phua Chu Kang trademark is a messy guy, having a messy curly hair together with a yellow boots. Elvis is famous for what ? His hip swaying & jumpsuit !!! HT have none ... Don't impersonate Elvis by his songs only.. Must also look like him a bit. If not then be like all time famous Leonard Tan. Can mimic almost anybody's voice... I am sure that guy can sing like Elvis also. Another classic example is Frankie Fong. Although he can't sing or sound as close as Elvis, but with his style & jumpsuit at least can tipu orang a bit lah. One more thing, for all die hard Elvis fans out there, my friend told me Ol Skool pub in Jalan Gasing is having an Elvis show with quite a number of Elvises like Frankie Fong, Joe & etc....
Not sure when but you may want to call them and check it out

Leroy Teo said...

Just to set the record straight. HT Long performed together with Mr.Gurmit Singh aka Phua Chu Kang a total of 5 times. And in ALL of the shows they did together Mr.Gurmit never wore his trademark "Phua Chu Kang" yellow boot messy looking outfit. He wore coat and tie. But HT Long at one of the show in KL came in an Elvis black sequin jumpsuit.They hired HT Long to perform together with Mr.Gurmit because HT Long's brilliant singing and jokes always keeps the audience happy. In everyone of his show he always pays Tribute to his very good friend and "sifu" the late great Mr.Rocky Teoh by singing at least 3to 4 of his songs!

Jacinta Dass said...

While still on the subject on HT Long, if there's anyone here from Segamat,Johore you're in for a treat as HT Long will be performing at a big Dinner Concert together with Juwita Suwito(recording artiste and Malaysian Idol coach) on the 6th of February 2009 Friday night at 7pm at the SEONG HAI RECREATION CENTRE SEGAMAT.See you there :)

Anonymous said...

I personally thinks Rocky sings better than HT Long. I missed Rocky Teoh. Reminds me of the good old days

Uncle Bob said...

Of course Rocky Teoh sings better than HT Long, even HT himself says so! Rocky was his hero lah :-)
There was one Vince Chu also Elvis of malaysia, he was also dam good, anyone knows where is he now?

Tan said...
Check out the link above on NST. For all Elvis Fans out there, you can catch these impersonators performing at Ol Skool bistro in Jalan Gasing tonight.
Dear Angela, since you like Joe so much you will see him there as he is also one of the performers according to the article

Jimmy said...

Talking about Vince Chu he was actually Elvis of Penang, since 1967 have never heard of him again.Some say he gone back to Indonesia?His face very same like Elvis. I remember one Les Lee Ipoh's Elvis, this guy was also quite good in dancing like Elvis, face not same but singing voice not bad.He cut 3 EP records. Met one of the FabulousFalcon recently he says Les Lee die already.Rocky teoh wasthe really good one. HT long very good singer but like Les Lee face not so same like Elvis.But all these old dudes are really good!

Jacinta Dass said...

Eastern Times - October 7, 2007

Keeping Elvis' Music Alive
by Wilfred Pilo

If the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley was still alive today, he would probably give HT Long a pat on the back, saying to him "Well done buddy!" in his strong Memphis accent.

HT Long is an Elvis Tribute Artiste well-known both locally and internationally for having a voice that sounds incredibly similar to that of the real Elvis. He was in Kuching to perform in front of avid Elvis fans at the 'Malaysian Elvis - Recording Artist Concert', organised by SIB New Life at The Sarawak Club.

HT Long and many other Elvis impersonators have never crossed my mind. Yes, I do enjoy Elvis songs but I was never really keen in watching performances by his impersonators. Perhaps I'm not too much of an Elvis fan to appreciate his impersonators - even if I'm told that they sound just like the real Elvis. Also, it's probably because I grew in a different era. However, after listening to HT Long's performance for the first time at the concert, I was completely blown away. I agree with HT Long, Malaysia's best Elvis impersonator, when he says he doesn't resemble the King of Rock 'n' Roll physically. But I must say, I'm very impressed with his voice. Listening to him sing was like listening to Elvis himself.

During the hour-long performance, HT Long told the audience how Elvis came into his life. In between his repertoire of Elvis tunes such as "Love Me Tender" and "Jailhouse Rock', he explained to the audience what Elvis meant to him. "The first time Elvis came into my life was after I saw his movie 'G I Blues' with my father in the cinema in 1960. I was only nine-years-old then, " he said.

He recalled the time when he impersonated Elvis, singing into a badminton racquet instead of a microphone. "My look was highly influenced by Elvis. I started to grow sideburns and had 'curry puff' hair style," he said, adding that he was once nicknamed 'Klang High School Elvis.'. In 1967, still a teenager, HT Long became the founding President of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Malaysia. Idolising the King of Rock 'n' Roll has really done a great deal for HT Long, who leads a colourful life.

Long added that he had recorded 12 albums to date. His gospel songs like 'I Let My Light Shine' and 'Honey In The Rock' are composed in the tunes of Elvis songs. He also has two albums, namely "HT Long Sings The Golden Hits of Rocky Teoh' and "Light & Easy With The Golden Voice Of HT Long" dedicated to another great Elvis impersonartor, Rocky Teoh, who died in a road accident. His other hit albums are"The Very Best Of HT Long', "Songs Of Love & Inspiration', "HT Long Sings The Golden Hymns" and "The King Is Alive Easter Concert."

Besides recording, HT Long also gives live performances and entertain audiences both locally and internationally. He has to date, performed in Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, England and the USA. HT Long, the great Elvis impersonator of Malaysia, proves to us that although the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself has died, his music shall live on.

Submitted by Jacinta Dass

Tan said...

How about the new Elvises ? No more new Elvis around ? Aziz, Frankie, Alex Wong, Suraj ?
None of them are good or as good as HT ?

Jeyakumar said...

Confusious says: Anyone can wear a Superman costume and lo and behold he becomes Superman.But how many can fly? Same apply anyone can wear an Elvis Presley Costume,the high collar bell bottom jumpsuit and dark sunglass and wow he instantly becomes Elvis. But how many can sing? ELVIS Presley is all about superb fantastic singing!!! So of all the new recent Elvises I must say only Alex is the best! The rest are Supermen that can't fly!

liu chee seng said...

very true jeyakumar,most of the older original elvises of malaysia like rocky teoh,vince chu,htlong,eddie francis,jeffery moey all can sing very well and has that "elvis essence", but these recent new elvises are not very good at all..some are terrible!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Chee Seng statement. The old ones cannot sing already except for HT long which is still one of the popular ones. Heard Eddie Francis & Jeffrey Moey ... cannot sing already lah. Young ones like Alex Wong is also very good. Won the Elvis Contest in 2002. I personally went there to watch. Jeffrey Moey was also one of the finalist. That's why I say he is not good already. On the contrary, it's good that these ppl still remember the GREAT ELVIS until now

liu chee seng said...

i don't know about how eddie francis or jeffery moey sounds now? but in the 1970s they were quite good man.they must be old already and lost their power

Anonymous said...

That's why I say only HT long is the only old generation that remain. Not bad for a guy at his age already. Voice still can pakai... hahaha

Jimmy said...

Pity Rocky Teoh and Les Lee die already and Vince Chu missing. Soon HT long will also gone but good thing lucky we have up and coming one like Alex Wong.. so the Elvis Legacy will still rock on in malaysia

Ricardo said...

I saw those impersonators performing at the Ol Skool Bistro in Jalan Gasing last weekend, oh my God they were aweful. but the place,the small band and the beer were quite nice..

Gloria said...

Were there an Elvis show last weekend ? Who were the Elvises ? Why not good?

Francis said...

HT Long soon gone ? Where got so fast.. Another 10 more years he is still there lah... STill go strong and active

HT Long said...

Thank you for all the kind praises about me by all my fans. I can only say that the comments made gives me the urge to continue singing Elvis songs.

In case you are wondering, I have sacked my publicity manager and from now on I will handle all promotional matters myself.

Yes, I am the undisputed president of the Malaysian Elvis Fan Club but have lost the list of members.

I endorse Elvis tribute artists in Malaysia and introduced many good singers such as Frankie Fong and recently Alex Wong.

They became famous through me and I am happy to introduce any other new ones if I can find them.

Please contact me if you sing Elvis songs and let me see if you can make the grade.

My hand phone is 0132380113


Joseph said...

Hey HT... ARe you sure u endorsed Frankie Fong & Alex Wong ? I doubt they become famous through you. Frankie got famous because he has been singing for quite some time and also part of the Elvis Trio with Alex & Aziz. Alex got famous after winning the Elvis tribute contest. Seems to me that they are 2 different individuals who made their name known. On the contrary I do respect you as being one of the oldest tribute artist who have travelled around the world promoting Elvis.

Johnny Lion said...

I wonder if this is the real HT Long or another imposter trying to smear HT Long's name...

David Chong said...

HT Long is only interest of promote him. He is selfish and think only he good.

Now he want to control everybody and make money.

Moses Rajan said...

Finally HT Long has cleared the air. Hopefully he can make this like an Elvis blog and keep all the Elvis fans updated with any coming events.

Can you tell me when the next event will be and where? I always get left out because I get the news of Elvis gatherings too late or after the event.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wahhahaha.. HT Long only promotes himself and say he is the best of the best and the rest are all crap The fact is he really the best ?

Dominic said...

It is so obvious..that is not the real HT Long but a jealous imposter out trying to smear HT Long's good name here.

Anonymous said...

It's the real HT Long lah.. HT Long always boast about himself being the best. If he is number 2, no one can claim no 1. U will hear everytime he say he is the best... Look at his website.... and his youtube comments.. I doubt the comments are genuine either.. Eg : Comment say he is very handsome... Either the man / woman is blind or someone is making up flattery comments. Saylah he sings well.. make more sense !

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not being able to respond earlier because I have been busy with many tribute shows lately. My concert shows have been sold out and I travel coast to coast most of the times to meet my fans.

The next few months will also be rather busy because I plan to do a few sell out concerts in Sabah and Sarawak. So if any of you want to come and see my concerts just call me and I will try to reserve some seats for you.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I guess Angela behind all this or another imposter trying to smear other Malaysian Elvises name. After this who??... Frankie Fong, Alex Wong, Rocky Teoh etc..

HT Long said...

Don't get me wrong. I don't know Angela but would love to meet her.

I know she prefers Joe and I think she is entitled to her own liking.

Like I said before I have endorsed many singers and the best to date is Rocky Teoh, my sifu.

I am have his old remastered recordings and if any of you want it, just call me.

Anonymous said...

Good job HT Long.

Since you came to clarify, everybody has run away. Maybe because you are simply the best?


Dominic said...

It's so very obvious that these are NOT written by HT Long at all because on this Blog anyone can write anything under any name. It's all the work of one same person who's jealous and trying to smear HT Long's good name. My simple advice is.. be very careful, the Webmaster is watching!

Antares said...

Hey People. I just got this email from the REAL HT Long:

Dear Sir,

It has been brought to my attention that someone has been posting comments on your blog The Elvis Fan Club Loyalist using my name as well as posting my telephone number.

I would appreciate it if you will kindly address this problem by deleting those posts/comments, or better, to put in a comment yourself as the Webmaster stating that those comments were NOT done by me.

For further clarifications, please feel free to call or email me.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely
HT Long
013-238 0113

Quite frankly, this blog is NOT about Elvis - it's about how amusing Malaysians in general and Elvis fans in particular can be. I have no objection to people using this page as an informal Elvis forum - but I think you guys really ought to start your own Elvis Presley blog where you can celebrate the memory of your hero and bitch at each other as much as you like. Cheers!


e said...

hi.. anyone has alex wong's contact? am looking for him as a surprise performer at my wedding


Anonymous said...

Alex contact number is 016 3707733. Heard that will be performing in a church in KL together with HT Long on 16th August. So for those Elvis Fans out there, here is a good chance to catch the 2 best Elvis in Town.

Anonymous said...

Read all about the Elvis Presley impersonation competition which was held at the Stadium Negara in KL in 1977, and William Honda Tan, the president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club, in the August 2 2009 article entitled "Elvis Presley Remembered" in

Anonymous said...

Aug 16th is coming... elvis fans out there... head on to Ol Skool Jalan Gasing . They have a variety of Elvis tribute artist out there from 3pm till 3am.. Don't know how they are going to do it but tat's the one and only place with so many Elvises...
Any other location, please post it here ya... I am sure there are many ppl who is interested in watching elvis.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I last night (16.8.09) attended a superb ELVIS Tribute Concert at the HSG Auditorium in OUG Petaling Jaya organised by the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Malaysia from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. It was an excellent show and the crowd went wild with great performances by our own Malaysia's Best Elvis Impersonators Ronnie Babu, Charles How, Joe Rozario, Paul Lee, Shahwan, HT Long and Alex Wong. During half time, there was a Special Surprise Performance by Elvis' ex son-in-law, Malaysia's own Michael Jackson Impersonator MJ Rajendran who sang BILLIE JEAN & BLACK AND WHITE - The 3 hour plus show ended with everyone getting up on their feet dancing and rocking to WHAT'D I SAY with HT Long. Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time going down memory lane to the 50s, 60s & 70s.

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