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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The 4-Digit Junkie

No relation to the One-Armed Swordsman. The One-Armed Bandit, perhaps. Some are born with gambler's blood. Those who haven't the capital to take their chances on the share market inevitably become 4-Digit Junkies. They start seeing numbers everywhere: on car licence plates, in dreams, in telephone appointments, in the ashes of burnt joss-sticks. In 4-Digit lotteries the investment can be as modest $1 - but the pros form themselves into syndicates and play for high stakes. There have been times when entire draws have to be declared null and void - because of the enormous influence some syndicates exert on Fate.

Those without the necessary connections resort to sending $10 and their birthdays to professional forecasters - who possess a vast knowledge of metaphysics and guarantee success (and their satisfied customers all testify to that in the ads). Some even dabble in black magic and invoke a dangerous assortment of spirits - just to ask their advice on 4-D numbers. If you're driving past a cemetery very late at night and you see mysterious lights - you can almost be certain it's only a hardcore assembly of 4-D Junkies, performing some ritual sacrifice by way of thanksgiving after a big win. Some people talk about nothing but 4-Digits all day: these are the chronic losers who eventually walk the streets hawking advance 4-D results to motorists at traffic lights. I have a few friends who are 4-Digit Junkies - but only on a modest scale, I hasten to add, since they don't have spirit consultants or syndicates. Not one of them has ever been able to go on holiday after a lucky strike - but one occasional win is enough to get you hooked for life. Many long-term addicts are reduced to living from draw to draw in a 4-D Universe of Perpetual Anticipation. 'It's only a matter of Time,' they mutter, 'I'll strike it rich sooner or later!'

Industries like defence, security systems, and insurance are founded on Fear; the 4-D racket feeds on Hope. That's right, all ye 4-Digit Junkies - you're all Hope Fiends!


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